1. Should I rent a car?


Our Sales Manager can assist you with your car rental, If you choose not to rent a car Cabo Seassons Company Offer the shuttle service from SJC international airport, you can book it on line and the cost is 120 usd one way from 1 to 10 persons


2. Are the roads safe?


There is a lot to explore in and around Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos. There are amazing beaches, art galleries, great restaurants and more. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you take advantage of being mobile.


3. How far is it from the airport to Cerritos Beach?


It is approximately 1 hour. Cerritos Beach is only 40 miles North from Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean side.


4. Are there restaurants near by the resort?


Yes, just down the steps on the beach you can find many restaurants, all of the restaurants at Cerritos Beach are a walking distance of the resort . You can also drive into town. El Pescadero is 5 minutes away and Todos Santos is 10 minutes away. Both towns have fantastic restaurants! Definitely try Riptide Bar & Restaurant located at Desert Moon Hotel.


5. Are there places that rent surf and boogie boards on the beach, wetsuits, etc?


Yes, there are our surf shops at Cerritos Surf Town where we rent surf boards for 25 US dollars a day, as well as some surf wear. Also, there are surf instructors that give private and group lessons. Just let us know and we'll help get you scheduled.


7. Is there night life?


Not much, however you can find live music every Thursday on  our Facilities and also some weekends. Outstanding crazy night life is of course down the road in Cabo (30 minute drive from us).


8. Is the beach safe?


Cerritos Beach is the only safe swimming and surfing beach on the Pacific for hundreds of miles. However, like the ocean anywhere, please use caution!


9. What about the crime?


We have all heard the horror stories. With the exception of Tijuana, which is 1000 miles north of us. the Baja is like Hawaii is to the USA, almost a different country. What you see in the news is Mainland Mexico. We are far from the rest of the country. The Baja is definitely very safe!


10. Can we pay in US Dollars?


Everywhere accepts US dollars. Traveler checks are a thing of the past and almost everywhere accepts credit cards.


11. Will my cell phone work?


T&T works very well, Verizon not so well. Please check with your phone company to see if there is anything special you should do before you travel; there may be a Mexican rate plan you can have while you are on your trip. There are also “prepay phones” you can buy for 30 US dollars with minutes included. You can get these from any cell phone company here in town, and they work very well, it is also very cheap to call the US.


12. How far is the closest grocery store?


There are vegetable stands and grocery stores 5 minutes away in Pescadero and 10 minutes away in Todos Santos. There are also grocery stores on the way from the airport.


13. Can we buy food and cook ourselves?


The Villas at Cerritos Surf Town  have kitchenettes, and the 2 bedroom villas have full kitchens. So you are more than welcome to cook for yourself.


14. Does the resort have internet?


Internet is available by the bar/restaurant and nearby the pool. Not in the rooms at this time.


15. Does the resort have a Spa?


We oofer Massage services in the rooms ans our Spa will be ready in winter 2017


16. Is there TV at the resort?


There are TV's at the main bar and Restaurante, no in-room TV's. Time to unplug & unwind.


17. How many people to a room?


Studio, sleeps 2

1 bedroom, sleeps 2 (up to 3 people with extra bedding, down to availability in the arrival day, extra charge $50 usd per night).

2 Bedroom, sleeps 4 (up to 3 people with extra bedding, down to availability in the arrival day, extra charge $50 usd per night).



18. Do I need a passport?


Yes, traveling from almost any country to Mexico requires a Passport.


19. What airport do I fly in to?


We are located right in the middle of 2 international airports: San Jose del Cabo (SJD) and La Paz International airport (LAP). La Paz is a good option but it doesn’t have as many flights. Most people fly in to San Jose del Cabo.


20. Is the Resort kid friendly?


Yes, it is definitely a kid friendly resort.


21. What kind of kid activities are there?


Cerritos Surf Town have wonderful pools and the ocean is safe for kids (always use caution in the ocean), there are surf lessons, boogie boards, horseback riding, ATV and dune boogies, drinking smoothies at the beach club and wifi. Your kids will love it and you will feel safe!


22. What about weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc?


The Cerritos Surf Town Villas have been a huge hit for this kind of events. There is an event fee. We can assist you with caterers, chefs, event planners, musicians or anything you need. Please contact us at: Local: +52 1 (624) 160 0881 USA: 858-625-10-60 for more information.


23. What else is there to do?


Todos Santos is known for its art galleries, world class cuisine, its historic mission and regional museum, as well as many boutiques and bookstores. Anything you could possibly want is down the road in Cabo where there is a great nightlife, discos, fishing, golf, fine dining, snorkeling, and shopping malls. You can find organic grocery stores (with items for diet restrictions), as well as Starbucks, Costco, and Walmart.


24. What should I bring?


It's always a good idea to bring additional paper towels, towels, any things you would bring to a time share... Sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, a hat, sandals, shorts and t-shirts, camera, a good book and maybe your laptop. Bring casual clothing. For girls, shorts and summer dresses work great. For the cooler evenings, a sweater is a good idea; even the nicer restaurants are always semi casual. Just pack for the perfect summer day.







Cerritos Beach KM 69 Highway 19

El pescadero B.C.S, México

C.P. 2330

Phone: + 52 1 624 129 6494

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Cerritos Beach KM 69 Highway 19

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